May 15, 2009

Nina's Antiques

Nina's Antiques
10 Grand Ave S
Cambridge, ON N1S 2L4

Nina's business card reads

Selling quality furniture, china, art glass, estate jewellery, silver and the unusual.
Buy - Sell - Consignment
Tuesday - Saturday 10 - 5

We visited Nina's on our way to Southworks Antiques. We loved it! It's a small shop, crammed full of goodies. You will need to allow a fair bit of time to really see everything that is in this antique store.

There's lots of china (not my thing but many collectors love china), small furniture, and so many miscellaneous items I don't think I could begin to list them. I wish I'd taken a photo of the interior - next time I will!

We bought a WW1 tumbler from England which will go nicely with hubby's extensive WW1 collection. We also spotted a silver-platted Victorian coffee pot/water jug with a nice porcelain interior, so we snapped that up. It was in very good condition and a reasonable price. Nina's assistant was willing to do beter on the price, so what more could we ask for? That makes our 13th Victorian coffee pot, so I think we can say we are collecting them....

Also saw a gorgeous antique bird cage which I desperately wanted but it was a bit pricey for my price range.

All in all I really enjoyed my visit to Nina's Antiques and will go back with more time planned to scrutinize all the goodies in there!

May 7, 2009

Green Spot Antiques

We were in Cambridge Ontario last weekend and dropped by an antique store we'd never been to before. Green Spot Antiques at 49 Cedar St.

It's a fairly large building with parking at the rear. I have to be honest though and say I wasn't that thrilled with it! For us it was a 10 minute walkaround and then out as there was not much of interest to us.

There were a few nice items and the prices were reasonable. It was mostly big furniture and architechtural pieces with a few miscellaneous items. We didn't see any china so if that's your thing you will be disappointed.

We did purchase a nice old picture frame in good condition so in fairness that's always a good thing and makes any visit to any antique store worthwhile. It is wortth a peek if you're in the area but I wouldn't personally bypass Southworks or Nina's (both nearby) for Green Spot if you are rushed for time

We did pop over to Southworks (which I love!) but we'd already done the whole store a few weeks earlier so we didn't stay long. No time to do Nina's but again we touched the surface of it last week. More on that in another post!