December 15, 2012

Joseph Kaye & Sons Oil Can ca 1920

This a very nice vintage Kayes pump action Oil Can. It's quite pretty and in great condition. Everything works - the top slider slides easily and the raised pump works perfectly.

It was made by Joseph Kaye & Sons Ltd. in the early 1900s. It measures 10.5 inches overall length with a 5" spout.

The large brass "K" is stamped "Kaye's Patent"

The bottom of the oil can is marked 1/2 pt followed by "Regd" with a long string of numbers, then in Great Britain then an 8 and a D

There are a few minor dints on the top but overall the oiler is in very good condition.
The letter K is stamped on the top and on the brass plunger

Joseph Kaye & Sons was founded in 1864 with its main business being manufacturers of oil cans and associated equipment.

The company was based in Leeds England

For sale: $85.00

1913 Catalogue Joseph Kaye & Sons Ltd

1923 Catalogue Joseph Kaye & Sons Ltd

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