November 25, 2014

Burrows, Stewart & Milne Scale

Burrows, Stewart & Milne Scale
Burrows, Stewart & Milne Scale
This is one of my favourite scales in our collection - the red paint is original and you can still see the gorgeous decals and designs.

All the original weights and basket are with this scale. It was made in Hamilton Ontario circa 1870s.

The original founders were William Burrows (born England died Jan 1, 1909 Hamilton) and Charles Stewart (born Oct 14, 1837 N.J. died Oct 8, 1915 Hamilton). Burrows and Stewart established a firm called Hamilton Malleable Iron Works in 1864. In 1867 John C. Milnes joined the firm and rose through the ranks to treasurer and partner in 1872 at which time they changed the name to Burrows, Stewart & Milne Co. Limited.

The original building was first built in 1868 and was expanded sometime in the 1890's. It endured three fires, the last one in 1948.

Burrows Stewart & Milne manufactured stoves, scales, furnaces as well as carriage and saddlery hardware. For sometime, they were the largest manufacturer of curry-combs in the British Empire. In 1868, they employed approximately 30 employees and by 1910 they had over 300 employees.

According to the Hamilton Jewel Cookbook (issued by BS&M) they were the largest makers of gas goods in Canada. "Jewel" was the patented brand name of their stoves. Many of their scales are stamped with "Champion Jewel Scale"


Jeff said...

I recently realized that I have an antique stove in my basement. It is cast iron and metal with a burner in the bottom. The labels that I could find read:
Burrows, Stewart & Milne Co Ltd
Hamilton, Ont.
I picked it up from the side of the road, and was planning to use it as a chiminea (yikes). After some searching on Google, I realized that it has some value. Do you have any information about this unit? If you are interested, I can send a picture to you...
Thank you

Jeff said...

I recently left a post about a Garnet Stove. You may respond to it by my email. I have now selected "email follow-up comments to..."
Sorry about the confusion
Thanks again,

Olive Tree Genealogy said...

hi Jeff, Your stove sounds interesting! Feel free to send us a photo at (Change the AT to @ before you send)

Rita said...

I have a antique Hamilton Burrows & Milne Scale 2000 lb scale serial number 69428.

Was used up to now by a courier company to weigh packages. It is in good condition ad works well.

Is it worth anything?

Olive Tree Genealogy said...

Rita - all antique scales have value to collectors. The value depends on rarity, condition and age.

Send me a photo of you scale if you want and I'll give you an estimate of its worth.

antiquehunterblog AT gmail DOT com

(replace AT with @ and DOT with a period, then remove the spaces)

Unknown said...

William said....
I have a household scale 10 lbs by B.S.& M. Co red in color with the letter R on bottom. Paint is faded. Both the bird and front counter weight are there. Includes a basket.Also the words design 1900 regd is on front. It is in good condition for its age. Do you have any idea to its worth and to the date made? Thanks

Jennifer said...

I too have a scale 10 lbs and with the bird weight. Would be interested in any info on it and value. It has a number on it 43226.

Thank you,

Anonymous said...

I have also a burrow stewart and Milne stove from Hamilton ON that i would like to know value on how do i post a picture?

Olive Tree Genealogy said...

Sorry but my blog isn't for posting photos from readers.

Wendy said...

Could you tell me where was the company located in Hamilton, what corner was in on? I have lived in Hamilton all my life andhave seen many, many building torn down, was it torn down or was the last fire theclosing of the building.
Thank you,

Ralph Evans said...

I have Model 1 10 pound scale a little similar to one in pic. Any idea where I could sell it?