The Antique Hunters

We are passionate antique collectors. Our home is often referred to as "a museum" because it's full of antique items. We collect so many things that it sometimes is overwhelming! Together we collect antique scales, antique art, and Victorian pewter coffee urns. Did you figure out that we love anything Victorian?

I collect snuff boxes, antique coffee mills, Victorian picture frames, Victorian jewellery boxes, Civil War era photo albums, Victorian napkin rings and coffee tins.

Hubby collects WW1 Canadian militaria, St. Mary's Ontario memorabilia, earthenware jugs, mustache cups, shaving mugs and coffin plates.

We have other little collections that we acquire more for decoration than collecting - a medicine tin collection on display in an antique cabinet in our bathroom, Victorian matchboxes on display in our Victorian style living room and antique bird cages.

We love antiques! We hope you enjoy our blog where we will talk about antiques, our colletions, auction sales and more. If you want to contact us, please write to us at but replace the AT with @

Brian & Lorine