May 30, 2005

Ansonia Nickel Plated Clock

Ansonia Nickel Finish Mantle Clock, Ansonia Clock Co. New York. Patented 1886

This clock's pendulum bounces up and down. It is supposed to have a boucing girl on a swing that bounces up and down and I am looking for one. Meantime my deceased husband's stepfather, a clock repairmaker, jury rigged this silver brooch to substitute so the clock would still run and keep time.

It is part of the Ansonia Jumper series and is called Ansonia's Jumper #2. It has a bisque doll that bounces up and down. I am looking for a replacement doll for this clock. The bisque doll should be kneeling on one knee on the swing, not sitting down. I believe she is called Lady Bisque, and not Miss Evelyn who is sitting.

The Ansonia Company was best known for its decorative imitation gold, and ornate novelty clocks. Petulant cupids and angels, deep thinkers, athletes, babies, and languid ladles drape and adorn the ornamental designs, that characterize the name and products of Ansonia.

Ansonia was named for Anson C. Phelps who started the Ansonia Brass Co. in the 1830s in Connecticut. In 1851 The Ansonia Clock Company came into existence as a subsidiary company.

In 1878 the Ansonia Clock Company acquired a factory in Brooklyn, New York, and transferred the entire operation there. If you find "Ansonia, Conn." on your Ansonia clock then it was made prior to 1878. Subsequent clocks are marked New York. In 1879 a fire destroyed the Brooklyn factory. The plant was immediately rebuilt, and they were back in full production by 1880. They successfully operated until active production in the Brooklyn plant ceased about 1930.
Ansonia Nickel Plated Clock
Ansonia Nickel Plated Clock,
originally uploaded by Lorine.

May 27, 2005

St. Jacobs Antique & Book Market

Brian and I discovered St. Jacobs Antique & Book Market in St Jacobs Ontario a few years ago. It is labelled as a "multi-dealer shop". That means it's big (3 floors) with many dealers booths. Brian and I like that because you can see lots of different antiques and collectibles under one roof.

The first floor is eclectic - good stuff mixed with junk. Take your time and you may find a treasure or two. The second floor is my fav, with better quality antiques and collectibles. I almost always find something to buy on this floor. The owner loves clocks so there are almost always some interesting ones to check out. Often you will find tea caddies although the last time we went they had none left.

The top floor has mostly secondhand books. Since that doesn't interest me I can't tell you much about them.

Our last trip was the first time we haven't bought something there. I don't know if we were just tired or not in the mood, but nothing caught my eye. The only thing that Brian wanted was a gorgeous old clock priced at several thousands of dollars. Needless to say we did not get it!

Prices vary - some are reasonable, some a bit high. But you can't go wrong checking it out, there is bound to be something that appeals.

May 26, 2005

Bow Front China Cabinet For Sale

Bow Front China Cabinet For Sale
Bow Front China Cabinet For Sale,
originally uploaded by Lorine.
This is a beauty, completely original, nothing has been touched on it since it was first made.

It's in almost mint condition, with one small chip bottom left near the back.

It's in our living-room with some of our china and collections.

We bought this Bow Front China Cabinet with the intention to sell it. Price: $5,300.00

May 25, 2005

Oak Antique Display Cabinet

Oak Cabinet & Antique Display
Oak Cabinet & Antique Display,
originally uploaded by Lorine.
This oak cabinet is a find in itself, it was covered in layers of crummy paint, one of those 'aha' discoveries you make now and then.

It was hidden in a pile of 'stuff' in an Antique Mall in Elora Ontario when I spotted it. I was drawn to the design work and thought there was a beautiful piece under all that paint.

I bought it, brought it home, Brian spent hours stripping it and it's as gorgeous as I thought it would be - the light coloured oak displays the treasures well.

Brian still hasn't finished the door (I am replacing the mirror with glass so my items show) and the top fancy bit but I have it up anyway.

Antique Watsons Tin in Barrie Ontario

Watsons Cough Drops Tin
Watsons Cough Drops Tin,
originally uploaded by Lorine.
Yesterday Brian and I visited a new-found antique mall in Barrie Ontario at 272 Innisfil St. We were impressed from the moment we walked in the front door. You know how sometimes you can just get that feeling and you know you're gonna make a great find? The atmosphere was perfect for what Brian and I like, especially for me.

I love the old country store feel - advertising signs, scales, old tins. We both love those neat Victorian architechtural details and that was there too, as well as stained glass, another fav. The owners were friendly and helpful, although when asked what we were looking for, I of course replied "Everything!" How to explain our eclectic and numerous collections is always difficult for us.

My great find that day was a very nice Watson's Imperial Cough Drops tin in green. It's about 6 1/2 x 7 1/2 x 5 and the graphics are in pretty good condition. I knew it would look great in my display of antique medicine bottles and cans as well as antique shaving mugs which I have in our main bathroom. I've put up a photo of it so you can see what I'm doing there.

The cabinet they are in is a find in itself, it was covered in layers of crummy paint, one of those 'aha' discoveries you make now and then. I bought it, brought it home, Brian spent hours stripping it and it's as gorgeous as I thought it would be - the light coloured oak displays the treasures well. Brian still hasn't finished the door (I am replacing the mirror with glass so my items show) and the top fancy bit but I have it up anyway.

We will be going back to this Barrie Antique Mall this week to continue looking as our time was limited yesterday. I'll let you know if I buy anything else! There was a very nice Keen's Mustard Tin that caught my eye....

May 3, 2005

Antique Oak China Cabinet

Oak China Cabinet
Oak China Cabinet,
originally uploaded by Lorine.
This is a terrific oak china cabinet. It's early 1900s, nice simple lines and lovely curved legs. One drawer holds quite a few linens and flatware.

We bought this at the Roadshow Antiques Mall in Cookstown Ontario 2 years ago. It sits on the landing of our oak staircase.

There are no marks or scratches, it's the original finish, a very nice piece.

May 1, 2005

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Brian's main collections are his World War 1 collection, coffin plates and end-of-day glassware. Right now he's hunting for the perfect display unit for his WW1 as it has outgrown the one he had.

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