May 1, 2005

About Brian & Lorine - Antique Hunters

I'm an avid genealogist and antique hunter. I've written several genealogy/history books and articles, if you are interested in them, see Olive Tree Genealogy

Brian and I have an eclectic collection of antiques and collectibles, among them old scales, coffin plates, tins, Pratt pod lids, WW1 militaria, end-of-day glassware, coffee grinders, boxes both big and small (snuff, patch, stamp and more)...

Brian's main collections are his World War 1 collection, coffin plates and end-of-day glassware. Right now he's hunting for the perfect display unit for his WW1 as it has outgrown the one he had.

My main collecting passion is Coffee Grinders, Coffee & Medicine Tins and boxes --- every kind you can dream of from Military Ammo boxes, Writing Boxes, Snuff boxes, Patch Pots, to Victorian Jewellry boxes.

Our joint collecting passion is scales -- postal scales, candy scales, steelyard scales, beam scales, balance scales, egg scales, and well, just basically almost any kind of scale except kitchen scales. I tend to like the balance scales, Brian prefers candy and hardware scales.

In this Blog We'll be telling you about our collections and showing you what we have to trade or sell. We will also let you know when we find good antique places in USA and Canada, and advise you about what the best deals are or who the fairest dealers are.

Our home is full of antique furniture and we've been collecting and selling for over 20 years. We like a variety of antiques from rustic pine to Victorian. Luckily last year we were able to build an addition to our home so that we had even more room to put our growing collections.