May 30, 2005

Ansonia Nickel Plated Clock

Ansonia Nickel Finish Mantle Clock, Ansonia Clock Co. New York. Patented 1886

This clock's pendulum bounces up and down. It is supposed to have a boucing girl on a swing that bounces up and down and I am looking for one. Meantime my deceased husband's stepfather, a clock repairmaker, jury rigged this silver brooch to substitute so the clock would still run and keep time.

It is part of the Ansonia Jumper series and is called Ansonia's Jumper #2. It has a bisque doll that bounces up and down. I am looking for a replacement doll for this clock. The bisque doll should be kneeling on one knee on the swing, not sitting down. I believe she is called Lady Bisque, and not Miss Evelyn who is sitting.

The Ansonia Company was best known for its decorative imitation gold, and ornate novelty clocks. Petulant cupids and angels, deep thinkers, athletes, babies, and languid ladles drape and adorn the ornamental designs, that characterize the name and products of Ansonia.

Ansonia was named for Anson C. Phelps who started the Ansonia Brass Co. in the 1830s in Connecticut. In 1851 The Ansonia Clock Company came into existence as a subsidiary company.

In 1878 the Ansonia Clock Company acquired a factory in Brooklyn, New York, and transferred the entire operation there. If you find "Ansonia, Conn." on your Ansonia clock then it was made prior to 1878. Subsequent clocks are marked New York. In 1879 a fire destroyed the Brooklyn factory. The plant was immediately rebuilt, and they were back in full production by 1880. They successfully operated until active production in the Brooklyn plant ceased about 1930.
Ansonia Nickel Plated Clock
Ansonia Nickel Plated Clock,
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mike said...

did you ever find a replacement doll for this Ansonia clock? if so cn you help me find one? thanks

mike said...

did you ever find a replacement doll for this Ansonia clock? if so can you help me find one? Thanks

Olive Tree Genealogy said...

I have not found a replacement doll yet Mike. If and when I do, I'll post about here on Antique Hunter Blog. Let me know if you find one, okay?