Antiques For Sale

Below is a list of the antiques that we are currently offering for sale. We hate to part with them but we're running out of room! We can offer shipping on smaller items, but for large pieces such as antique cupboards or tables, you probably want to pay us a visit in person and arrange pickup.

Over the next week or two we will be listing 2 gorgeous antique drop-leaf tables and many small antique items. 

If interested in an antique item please contact us at antiquehunterblog AT gmail DOT com (replace AT with @ and DOT with a period, then remove the spaces)

* Art Deco Armoire Wardrobe For Sale
* 1906 Black & White Print by Frederick Morgan: Tug of War
* Stella Artois Draft Beer Handle
* Vintage Molsen's Beer Tap Handle
* Vintage Draft Beer Tap Handle Alexander Keith's
* Antique Crayon Portrait: Woman in HIgh-Necked Calico Dress ca 1890s
* Crayon Portrait of Man With Mustache ca 1880s

* Crayon Portrait of Woman in Striped Blouse ca 1870s

* Lucas Oiler #40 ca 1900
Photograph Students Huntersville School near Middleburgh, Schoharie County New York ca 1913
Cabinet Card Copy of 1862 Civil War Soldier CDV
Vintage Early 1970s Photo Album 
* 1847 Towns Fourth Reader 
* End of Day Hand-blown Glass Basket
* PATTERKRISP Vintage Candy Tin
* Towns Fourth Reader - Antique Book 1847
* Victorian teapot, silver-plated by Toronto SP Co. SOLD
* Antique Silver-Plated Tea Pot by M.S. Benedict Mfg Co., New York
* Hummel Figurine "Village Boy" by Goebel
* O'Keefe's Stone Ginger Beer Bottle Caps - Cork liner  SOLD
* Vintage Moonlight Mellos Marshmallow Tin  SOLD
* Vintage Medical WW1 Red Cross Invalid Cup  SOLD

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