April 29, 2007

Will Silks General Store, Cookstown Ont

Located at 14 Queen st Cookstown Ontario you will find an old time general store specializing in Aladdin lamps. They also have a few other antiques and collectibles scattered around the store. If you happen to be in Cookstown and you have a few moments to spare you might want to take a peek.

April 21, 2007

Antique Rocking Chair early 1800s

  This is an early 1800s rocking chair. We know nothing about it and haven't been able to find the style or maker or any details.
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April 6, 2007

C96 Mauser Hand Gun

Well this is a little bit different than the kind of antiques normally found on this website but guns are one of the most popular antique collectibles.

Production of the C96 Mauser began in 1896, and ended about 1939 with over one million C96 pistols produced. Mauser named it the C96 the "Mauser Military Pistol" in the hopes that it would achieve large military sales. While limited numbers of the C96 pistol were purchased for issue to members of the German armed forces and police, sales were never what Mauser had hoped for.

On a interesting side note the laser blaster used by Han Solo in the film Star Wars was a Mauser with a few plastic bits stuck on it.

April 5, 2007

My Coffin Plate Collection

This is a photo of just a small part of my coffin plate collection. I have hundreds of plates dating back to the 1840s. You can see them all on my coffin plate website Ancestors At Rest. If you want to have a look click on
Coffin Plates.

April 3, 2007

Victorian Tinket Box

 Victorian Trinket Box. I bought this on the weekend at a local antique store. It goes nicely with my collection of Victorian Jewellery and Trinket Boxes. This one is a bit different from the type I usually buy - it is white porcelain with hand-painted flowers. Most of mine are bevelled clear glass with coloured satin liners.
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April 1, 2007

Victorian Coffee Pot on Stand with Goblet

 Victorian Coffee Pot. I wish I knew the correct name for this fantastic antique but I don't. It swings, you pour the coffee into the matching goblet on the stand. I found this in pieces (literally) in a Massachusetts Antique Store, but I could see that nothing was missing. Once it was lightly cleaned and put back together it looked as great as I knew it would.
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