October 10, 2012

1906 Black & White Print by Frederick Morgan: Tug of War

Black and white print called "A Tug of War". It has been cut so part of the words are missing.

The original painting that this etching was based on had the signature bottom left "Fred Morgan"which is visible in the etching.

Frederick Morgan (1856-1927)  was a member of the Royal Society of Painters in Oil,  and was renowned for his beautiful oil paintings of animals and children. The sentimental and romantic Victorian style work which Morgan was also able to produce ensured that he was much in demand by advertisers.

 Dimensions: 16x20 inches

For sale: $150.00 + shipping (We require your zip or postal code to calculate shipping costs)

Under the print on the left side are the words "Supplement to the Family Herald and Weekly Star, Montreal Canada"

On the right bottom are the words "Produced by C. W. Faulkner & Co. Ltd. London En"

The print is not framed and is in fair condition but it would look wonderful in a nice frame and hung on the wall.

 Across the top left is written "Entered according to Act of the Parliament of Canada in the Year 1906 by C. W. Faulkner & Co. Ltd. London England at the Department of Agriculture"
Top Left
Across the top right is written "Copyright Entered according to Act of Congress at Washington in the Year 1906 by C. W. Faulkner & Co. Ltd London E. C. England, Printed in England"
Top Right

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mandy51873 said...

i have a print by CW Faulkner that was left to me by my great aunt ethel. It is in amazing condition was always kept in a tube no color marks no tears in mint condition and i needed to know its value...the name on it is This little piggy by CW Faulkner london