October 22, 2010

Antique Scale, Torsion Balance Co. New York 1891

This is a second scale purchased by hubs and I at an antique auction. The wording on it reads:

The Torsion Balance Co.
New York
Pat. May '91
Style 257

This appears to be a pharmacy or chemical company scale.

Hubby took the scale apart, gave it a thorough cleaning and replaced a few broken parts.

What a difference! It gleams and is in excellent condition. A very nice addition to our collection. 

October 16, 2010

Civil War Era Parlor Chairs

Two upholstered carved wooden parlor chairs from the Civil War era.

I'm guessing they are Walnut. The one on the left with arms is for a man.

The chair below has a wide seat and partial sides which are also quite wide. It is meant to hold hoop skirts of a woman.

If you know more about these chairs please post a comment here.

October 15, 2010


Another scale we got at auction recently. I have not been able to find out much about it!


- scale body is made of brass and iron, black varnish

- two scales: up to 100 g and 500 g

- marked on front swing arm: BILATERAL

- marked on rear "Niet voor handelsooeleinden" I know that "niet voor" is Dutch for "Not for" and "handel" is Dutch for "trade" I haven't been able to determine the rest.
- measurements are 21 cm (8.3“) high, pan 11.5 x 10 cm (4.5“ by 3.9“)

- weight is 500 g

October 12, 2010

C. Wilson & Son Scale, Toronto Ontario

Yesterday hubs and I attended another antique auction - an indoor one this time (last week's was outside in frigid 50' weather)

We bid on and won quite a few scales. One was this C WILSON & SON scale from Toronto Ontario.

Excerpt on p. 186: C. Wilson & Son, 67 Esplanade St. East Toronto Ontario - Silver Medal Diploma

Excerpt on p. 200, reporting on the Paris Universal Exhibition of 1900.

"C. Wilson & Son, of Toronto, were equally successful in obtaining a silver medal for their full collection of fine scales, from the smallest confectionery to the 1,000 lbs. platform scale. These scales, which indicate price and weights, were regarded with much interest by visitors who had no previous knowledge of the system".

Found in History of Toronto and Co. of York, Ontario:

"C. Wilson & Co. Toronto Scale Works, 45 Epslanade [City of Toronto] This is one of the oldest businesses of the kind in the Dominion, having been established in 1851. Employment is given to 25 men and 8 travellers. Mr. C. Wilson was born in Co. Armagh Ireland in 1818 and settled in Ottawa in 1840, obtaining a position in the department of the Surveyor-General. He came to Toronto in 1849"