December 31, 2012

Lane Brothers Swift Mills Smokestack Coffee Grinder

Lane Brothers Swift Mills Smokestack Coffee Grinder #16

 This is my latest coffee mill acquisition. I got it at an auction yesterday.

It is a Lane Brothers "Smokestack" Swift Coffee Mill No. 16. 

The Swift Mill Lane Brothers Poughkeepsie N. Y. is stamped on each wheel. The wheels measure 23" and the overall height of the coffee mill is 37"

There is no patent date but this intricate wheel design was not in use until 1878 when the company set up shop in Poughkeepsie. The Lane Brothers started in 1808 in Harts Village, Millbrook New York.

 Their first patent was registered in August 1845 when Beriah Swift built a factory to manufacture mills based on this patent. The Lane brothers, William And John, were cousins of Beriah Swift and they joined forces. The company was then called Swift and Lane Brothers. John Lane married Ann Swift the daughter of Beriah, further cementing the family business.

Some time between 1878 and 1882 the company moved to Poughkeepsie. Their coffee mills were in production up to 1920.

Lane Brothers Swift Mills Smokestack Coffee GrinderHubs took it apart and cleaned it all up, then oiled it with Olive Oil. You  can't rub at the graphics or they disappear!

Next he managed to rotate the hopper so the graphics were properly lined up with a big one at the front and the back. They were off-center as you can see in this photo.

Lane Brothers Swift Mills Smokestack Coffee GrinderBoth graphics are pastoral scenes. This picture is in better condition than the second one.

For now I've placed this coffee grinder (mill) with three of my other larger ones but it's only temporary while I think about where best to display it. These larger grinders are not normally here, they are scattered in various rooms in our house

December 19, 2012

Antique Bagdad Coffee Tin

Antique Hunter Blog - Bagdad Coffee Tin
 Bagdad Coffee Tin. Private Collection
Bagdad Coffee Pail with wire handle. No lid. This is a large coffee tin manufactured by Dwight Edwards Canada Limited sometime between 1900 and 1930.

Nice graphics of an outdoor Arabian coffee ceremony. 


December 15, 2012

Joseph Kaye & Sons Oil Can ca 1920

This a very nice vintage Kayes pump action Oil Can. It's quite pretty and in great condition. Everything works - the top slider slides easily and the raised pump works perfectly.

It was made by Joseph Kaye & Sons Ltd. in the early 1900s. It measures 10.5 inches overall length with a 5" spout.

The large brass "K" is stamped "Kaye's Patent"

The bottom of the oil can is marked 1/2 pt followed by "Regd" with a long string of numbers, then in Great Britain then an 8 and a D

There are a few minor dints on the top but overall the oiler is in very good condition.
The letter K is stamped on the top and on the brass plunger

Joseph Kaye & Sons was founded in 1864 with its main business being manufacturers of oil cans and associated equipment.

The company was based in Leeds England

For sale: $85.00

1913 Catalogue Joseph Kaye & Sons Ltd

1923 Catalogue Joseph Kaye & Sons Ltd

Vintage Mohican Coffee Tin

Antique Hunter Blog: Vintage Mohican Coffee Can
Vintage Mohican Coffee Tin
One of the coffee tins in my personal collection. Mohican Coffee. Mohican Co. of New York.

6" x  1/4"

December 1, 2012