March 15, 2007

Gurneys Antique Scale Ontario

Gurney Antique 16 lb. Scale with porcelain tray. Labelled Gurneys and Ware, Hamilton Ontario. Balance scale, uses counterweights. Red paint with gold, good condition. Gurneys logo painted on metal. Circa 1902-1910

Canadian Scale Makers, (ie: Gurney & Ware, Gurney, C. Wilson, Osborne, Fairbanks, Wm. & J. G. Greey, Burrow Stewart & Milne, Hamilton Scale Company, New Warren Scale Co., Renfrew Scale Co., for example), had to have their products verified prior to sale to merchants.

The stamped verification sequence allows collectors to more accurately date scales and weights. For eg you might see a (crown) with ER over Q, T.18

(crown)ER Edward VII reigns 1902 – 1910

T Toronto

Month Indication Number 18 Month (of a 2 year span) of original verification

Series Letter Q Identifies a 2 year period. 1906 - 1907

Kemp Manufacturing 1867-1911

Some sources Canadian Weights and Measures

We also have in our personal collection scales with the mark

(crown)VR Queen Victoria reign 1837-1901

The 1851 Directory of Ontario shows the following listing under FOUNDRIES AND MACHINISTS

GURNEY & CARPENTER, ironfounders and manufacturers of
threshing machines, castings, machinery, hollow,
copper and tinware, pipe boxes, potash kettles, &c., John st.

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marsha berard said...

I have a gurney platform scale. I would like to find out more about the company to attempt to date the scale. Do you have info on the company or can you help me out with this? It's a 2000 lb scale I believe .