March 23, 2008

WWII submarine barometer-manometer

WWII submarine barometer-manometer. These ranged up to 37 inches of mercury, mainly because BEFORE a dive, the interior of the sub was slightly pressurized, to ensure that valves, hatches, and of course any bullet holes were sealed off. A leak in a diving Submarine could be fatal.These were mounted prominently BETWEEN the two"PLANESMANS" stations, as these crewmembers could cancel a dive if this instrument did not show a pressure build up in the hull.


Unknown said...


I am restoring USS Pampanito, a WW II submarine museum. We are looking for a barometer/manometer like this one:
Is the one in the posting yours?
Do you know anything more about these?

Olive Tree Genealogy said...

Sorry Rich, this one isn't ours and we don't know anything more.

Best of luck on your project! Lorine & Brian