July 26, 2005

Barriefield Antiques, Kingston Ontario

We've been to this Antique store before, and loved it. This month we arrived on a Friday only to find it closed - open only on weekends. As we peered through the front window, the owner drove by and stopped to open for us. So we had the store to ourselves for over an hour.

It's a large building chock full of nicely displayed good quality pieces. Lots of furniture, tins, and too many eclectic items to list! The owner's father loves scales so there are always quite a few for Brian and I to drool over. He also picks up railroad lamps and other items so a railroad buff like Brian's father would love it there. The owner herself is a cash register collector so she has some nice pieces available.

We didn't buy anything this trip but we do have our eye on two scales...

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