July 19, 2005

Wendy May's Antiques

Wendy May's Antiques is a great little antique store in Kingston. It has lots of great stuff, nicely displayed, and fairly priced. The owners are very friendly and will give better prices.

Their blurb says "china, furniture, glass, pottery, pictures, mirrors, jewellery, interesting and pretty things". I found and bought a great antique coffee grinder, which Wendy May marked down for me when I showed her the book price. She sold it for less than I offered to pay - go figure!

I also found two great walking sticks, a gorgeous art deco bracelet and an art deco armoire at reasonable prices. Wendy May sold them all at less than sticker price and I was very pleased.

We went back a second day and Wendy's husband offered us fresh tea! 979 Sydenham Rd, Kingston Ontario is where you need to look.

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