July 22, 2009

Antique Oak Victorian Library Table

Bought a gorgeous antique Victorian oak library table yesterday. With our new setup for high-speed internet (at last!!) we have computer equipment that has to go in our living room. Our living room is Victorian antique furniture and the equipment is front and center! It has been sitting on a rather ugly small table that was my mother's, and yesterday I decided it was time to go antique hunting.

I found what I wanted within 5 minutes of going into the Barrie Antiques Centre at 272 Innisfil Street in Barrie Ontario. We looked around, hubby found a military crockpot he's been wanting for some time (more on that in another post) and we found a second table that we loved!

It was a hard decision but Peter, the owner, was terrific about negotiations for a better price and the decision was made. We wished we could buy both (yes we are greedy antique hunters) but settled for the bigger more ornate one. The final price was fair and we were quite happy.

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