March 19, 2010

Another Gurneys Antique Scale!

Another Gurneys Antique Scale!
Another Gurneys Antique Scale!
We bought this lovely antique scale recently at a large antique mall near Barrie Ontario. The decals and paint are original and in really good shape so we could not resist! Even the balance plate has original detailing and decals.

We have a fairly large collection of antique scales and it's hard to resist something different or in great condition. This is a Gurneys Scale which adds another one to our collection. Gurneys was based in Hamilton Ontario. In 1856 Elijah W. Ware had established a scale factory in Hamilton and the Gurneys were soon associated with him, forming Gurney, Ware and Company.

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Jorge Mascheroni said...

i have an old scale i am trying to sell in California, can i write you an email with the picture see if you are interested in buying it or maybe give some information about it