January 28, 2012

Displaying a Collection of Snuff Boxes

Display of Snuff Boxes. Private Collection 
This is my current display case for my collection of snuff boxes.

I love antique snuff boxes and try to buy one every couple of years. I don't buy them more often as they can be very expensive.

Those with an eagle eye might spot a few items that are not snuff boxes, as I have a few vintage coin purses in silver (bottom shelf on the right) mixed in.

I also put in one match box holder (4th shelf 3rd from left)) that I really like but don't collect.

To add to the eclectic mix I put in 4 antique boxes that are for stamps. Those are on the left on the bottom shelf.

Scottish Snuff Box. Private Collection
Below is a close-up view one of my favorites - an early Scottish Snuff Box in the shape of a horn. It has lovely silver engravings attached.

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Jo said...

What a beautiful collection. I live in Scotland and my partner is a jewellery appraiser, so if you have any queries on hallmarks or maker's marks, drop me a line and he might be able to help. I love your Victorian squirrel - too cute! Jo