January 14, 2012

Victorian teapot, silver-plated by Toronto SP Co.

Lovely late Victorian teapot, silver-plated. Ornate pattern.

Bottom is stamped in a circle with a Crown and a Beaver: "Toronto SP Company" for The Toronto Silverplate Company which was founded in 1882. 

A second circle is stamped "Quadruple Silverplate"  and under that are the numbers 475 and then 7.

This antique teapot is about 7 inches high and has a hinged lid. It is in good condition with a small dent and an inch long scratch in one side.

The teapot would polish up very nicely or you can leave the patina of age on it

SOLD I am selling this beautiful teapot for $50.00 plus shipping. To add this to your collection, email Lorine at 

lorines @ gmail.com (no spaces) 

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