June 21, 2013

End of Day Glassware Pitcher

End of Day Glassware Pitcher
This is a very pretty example of End of Day Glassware.

At the end of the day, glass blowers would gather the molten leftovers of glass - the bits and pieces of coloured glass left from the day's work . With those pieces they would  create vases, pitchers and other objects.

Thus the term "End of Day" came into being.

The name is often misapplied to other glass items that are not true End of Day.

For example in the photo below, you see three vases.  The green and white one on the left is not End of Day.

The pink one on the right is also not End of Day. It was produced in a factory from a mold and was not hand done

The smaller pink and green vase in the middle is hand made and is in the style of End of Day but it was made with deliberation.

That is, with a deliberate choice of colours by the glassblower, not from the bits and pieces left on the floor or in the pots.

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