July 2, 2013

Pratt Pot Lid - Pegwell Bay Subject

Pratt Pot Lid - Pegwell Bay Subject
This pot lid was once a lid for a jar of lobster sauce or paste. It has a fancy border and no window on the wall whereas others with this specific painting include a window or a double line border.

In 2003 it was valued at $200.00 to $300.00

This lid, called Lobster Sauce, was made by the Pratt factory. Copper plates of some do exist. It was made in three versions and is meant to form a pair with another lid called A Pretty Kettle of Fish

This lid is included in Pegwell Bay Subjects lids made by Pratt. The Pegwell Bay lids feature shrimping, shrimps, shrimp paste, lobster sauce and firms associated with these items. 

This particular pot lid was given to my Aunt Lily by her mother (my grandmother) and then to me. It would have belonged to my great-great grandmother in Ramsgate England.

It is still in its original round black frame.

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