June 14, 2005

1927 Certificate Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons Canada

14"x18" ceritificate in excellent condition, no stains or tears. It has been rolled up in its original mailing tube for who-knows-how-long but it hasn't creased and can be flattened. The lucky winner of the auction will get the certificate and the original cardboard tube with postage stamps and mailer label

This certificate has the capital letters "ITNOTGAOTU" at the top. I did a bit of research and found that those letters stand for "In The Name Of The Great Architect Of The Universe"

The top of the certificate has the heading

The Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Canada

Excerpts from the certificate read:

"...Companion Ernest Hastings Jordan .... exalted to the Supreme Mysteries of the Holy Royal Arch in Tuscan Chapter No. 95 in Sudbury ... 25 Oct .. Year of Discovery 2457"

No. 51/192

Dated 2 November Year of Discovery 2457 A.D. 1927
Signed Henry G. Smith GSD

It comes with its original cardboard tube mailer complete with postage stamps. Postage is one green 2-cent stamp and two 1-cent yellow stamps labelled Canada and bearing the pictures of King George V

Mailer label:
From PO Box 1135

Mr. Ernest Hastings Jordan

The Madrid Conference of the Universal Postal Union, held in 1920, adopted new international postage rates effective from the 1st October, 1921. The new rate necessitated certain changes in the colors of Canadian postage stamps. The 1-cent stamp was yellow instead of green; the 2-cent green instead of red.

The Portrait is of His Majesty King George V in an oval framework. The King is wearing the uniform of an admiral. The portrait is a composite from photographs by Walter Barnett and Messers. W. and D. Downey of London, England.

I describe my goods as accurately as I can. They are antiques or vintage and are not perfect, but have wear and tear as any old item has. This item would be perfect for anyone collecting Mason memorabilia or for postage stamp collectors.

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