June 13, 2005

Antique & Vintage Picture Frames with Ancestors

Here's how you can combine a love of collecting (in this case, antique Victorian era picture frames) with a passion for genealogy.

Antique Picture Frames
Antique Picture Frames,
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Haunt junk stores and antique stores and flea markets for old picture frames. Fix them up a bit, clean them, paint them with an air-brush if needed, even put a bit of plaster on the old plaster ones that are missing bits and pieces.

Next find photos of your ancestors, you know, great-grandma in a beautiful dress. Take the photo to a photographer and have it enlarged to fit the antique frame. Choose a mat and you're set.

Then hang the pictures on your walls. Here's an example.

I have lots of old picture frames for sale. contact me if interested.

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