June 12, 2005

Vintage Medical WW1 Red Cross Invalid Cup

This invalid feeder cup has a red cross on the top, gold edging on spout and around rim and down handle. I believe it is WW 1 era, circa 1914-1919.These cups where used during the war to feed tea or broth to wounded or sick soldiers.

There is one small hairline crack on the rim opposite the handle. It does not extend to the 'side' of the cup. There is a chip on the underneath part of the spout. The gold edging is lightly worn, possibly from so much washing up! No maker's mark that I can see. Would make a nice addition to any medical or red cross or porcelain collection

Cup is 4 1/2" in length and approximately 2" high and 3 1/4" across the top, not counting the handle

I describe my goods as accurately as I can. They are antiques or vintage and are not perfect, but have wear and tear as any old item has.

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Please note that what I thought was a hairline crack is probably a manufacturing defect according to my spouse. It's very tiny. This item is for sale on E Bay, Item number: 7327815559 SOLD!

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Unknown said...

I just found one of these cups while cleaning out my Mom's house. It has no chips but the gold is a little warn. How do I know what something like this is worth.