June 13, 2005

O'Keefe's Stone Ginger Beer Bottle Caps - Cork liner

Great piece of Beer History!

Eugene O'Keefe, founder of O'Keefe Brewing Company, grew up in muddy York (present day Toronto), to which his family had emigrated from Ireland in 1832 when he was five. O'Keefe learned the art of brewing from Hannath & Hart Brewery, and in 1862 he bought the business. Within two years it was O'Keefe and Company. He was the first to produce lager beer in Canada along with the traditional ale and porter.

1891 the company was incorporated as O'Keefe Brewing Company Limited. O'Keefe was one of the first brewers to use motor trucks for beer delivery, the first to build a mechanically refrigerated store-house for beer and one of the first to advertise extensively. Eugene O'Keefe died in 1913 but the company continued to brew beer.

With Prohibition's advent in 1916 O'Keefes began making stone ginger beer, but with repeal in 1926 brewing was resumed

You are bidding on two O'Keefe's Stone Ginger bottle caps in good condition. One has a bit of the cork liner missing. The other is in pretty good shape.

These caps are for sale on E Bay, Item number: 6184265916

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