September 28, 2012

Crayon Portrait of Woman in Striped Blouse ca 1870s

Crayon (charcoal) portrait of woman in striped blouse or dress.

Dimensions:16x20 inches (known as a Mammoth)
Time period: ca 1870s

Large framed ‘crayon portraits’ were made in the 1800s and early 1900s.
These were artistic photographs that resemble a cross between photographs and charcoal or crayon sketches.  

They can be monochrome or  have charcoal coloring.  This portrait is monochrome.

The photographer began the process with a light photograph and then embellished it with chalk and crayons.

Mostly you will find albumen crayon portraits from the late 1800s.

Item #17 For sale: $50.00 + shipping (we need your zip or postal code to determine shipping charges)

On verso in pencil:

"Mr. Hoover
4 Conc.

"Crayon. Make dress black. This picture must be made well."

"Frame 12
Total $2.50 
Paid $ .50 
Balance $2.00"

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Oh! Expensive for that time ($2.50)!