September 26, 2012

Mennonite Drying Rack

Mennonite Drying Rack closed
 This is a very nice antique Mennonite drying rack. It's quite large, and the bracket with the spokes moves up and down the part that is bolted to the wall.

This allows you to set your spokes at any height you want.  We use it for drying winter hats, mitts and scarves but I want to move it and use it for drying my herbs.

Drying Rack open  & at half-way height position

Bracket that moves up and down

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Celia Lewis said...

very nice, Lorine. My dad rigged up a pulley system with a big rack of dowels that was over our kitchen table - kitchen warmed by a sawdust burner stove, the only warm spot in the place. Long long ago, in a very small old place in Vancouver. I have lots of memories of my 5' mom loading it up and tall dad pulling it up.