September 29, 2012

Lucas Oiler No. 40 ca 1900

We have a nice Lucas Oiler No. 40 in our collection that we are offering for sale.

We consulted an expert and collector of Lucas Oilers for more information on this one. Below is his answer. 

The No 40 Lucas oiler dates from around early 1900's. It was part of Rolls Royce and Bentley car kits. I have seen one mounted under the hood of a 1912 open Rolls Royce. They came with a bracket for fitting under the hood and I also have seen one in a Bentley toolkit where it slotted into a shelf in the trunk. They go from $75.00 to $135.00 depending on condition.

Item #34 For Sale: $90.00 + shipping (we need your postal or zip code to determine shipping costs)

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